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Prince Juan Carlos and his younger brother the Infante Alfonso at school in San Sebastián

Prince Juan Carlos and his younger brother the Infante Alfonso at school in San Sebastián

Their Majesties will pay a State Visit to the United Kingdom from March 8th to March 10th, after accepting the invitation issued by Queen Elizabeth II. King Felipe, the youngest European monarch and the one with the shortest reign, will visit...

Their Majesties will pay a State Visit to the United Kingdom from March 8th to March 10th, after accepting the invitation issued by Queen Elizabeth II. King Felipe, the youngest European monarch and the one with the shortest reign, will visit Europe’s oldest monarch with the longest reign. 

The King is related to both Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, through Queen Victoria Eugenia, King Juan Carlos grandmother and through her mother’s Greek and Prussian ancestors. The families intermarried for the first time in 1170, when Henry II of England married his daughter Eleanor to King Alfonso VIII of Castile who become Queen Leonor, one of the namesakes of the Princess of Asturias. Since then, four English princesses became Queens in Spain, and four Spanish princesses became English Queens. Moreover, Felipe II was during his short marriage to Mary I of England King Consort. 

Photo: The Prince of Asturias welcomes the Queen of the United to Kingdom to Spain in 1988.

The British Ambassador to Spain, Simon Manley, has welcomed the announcement of a State Visit to the United Kingdom.

“The British government is delighted that Their Majesties King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia of Spainhave accepted the invitation from Her Majesty The Queen,” said Mr Manley.

“This State Visit will celebrate not only the long and deep royal and historic ties between our two countries, but also our strong relationship as partners in the European Union, NATO and United Nations.  We enjoy close connections in terms of culture, trade, investment, security and defence. This is an opportunity to celebrate and deepen those links.”

Today, the United Kingdom and Spain are close partners in the EU, NATO and United Nations, among numerous international organisations; and cooperate together through the UN Security Council, of which Spain is a current member. Nearly 300,000 Britons are registered as residents in Spain and 15 million visitors came from the UK last year, whilst an estimated 131,000 Spaniards are resident in the UK and two million visited in 2014.


His Royal Highness the Infante Don Carlos, Duke of Calabria (1938-2015)
Don Carlos de Borbón-Dos Sicilias y Borbón-Parma, Infante of Spain, Prince of the Two-Sicilies and Duke of Calabria passed away at his state in Ciudad Real on October 5, 2015, at...

His Royal Highness the Infante Don Carlos, Duke of Calabria (1938-2015)

Don Carlos de Borbón-Dos Sicilias y Borbón-Parma, Infante of Spain, Prince of the Two-Sicilies and Duke of Calabria passed away at his state in Ciudad Real on October 5, 2015, at 5:20 pm. His Royal Highness, doyen of the Knights of the Order of the Golden Fleece, was very close to his cousin King Juan Carlos, who created him Infante of Spain in 1994 and is survived by his mother, the Infanta Alicia, his wife, Princess Anne of France, their five children, Cristina, María, Pedro, Inés and Victoria, numerous grandchildren and his two sisters. 

As it is the wish of HM the King, and as it befits his condition of Infante of Spain, Don Carlos will be interred in Pantheon of the Infantes at the Royal Monastery of San Lorenzo del Escorial on Thursday, after a private funeral mass. His son Prince Ped ro announced that another funeral mass will be held later.

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Since Felipe and Letizia are going to be in Washington DC and Florida next week: Did the palace post a full schedule and is there a chance to see them there? like a public engagement or anything or will they only do private engagements?

They will probably release the schedule the next days.

I would also follow the thread at TRF for updates :)

Not yet. They usually release the agenda of engagements on Friday, so I guess this Friday we’ll have the trip’s activities detailed and scheduled.

Unfortunately the SRF is very stingy with the agendas of foreign trips. They usually post a few lines ( a la “Their Majesties will pay an official visit to the United States of American where they will visit Washington DC and Florida”) and only a few days (sometimes hours!) before the start of the trip elaborate on that. The press has published part of their schedule:

On September 15 they’ll be in George Washington’s Mount Vernon and the White House, on September 16 they’ll be at the Spanish Embassy for a business meeting and at Georgetown Un iversity for a meeting with scientists. On September 17 Felipe will dictate the inaugural conference of the academic year 2015-2016, at the Freedom Tower of Miame Dade College. On the last day of the trip they’ll be in Saint Augustine to mark the city’s 450th anniversary and to attend a Spain-United States Forum. 

Some events (meeting at the White House, at the Embassy…) are obviously closed to the public. Others, like the ones in Georgetown or Miami Dade depend on the public’s access to those places, and in Saint Augustine for example they’ll tour the city, so presumably anyone could see them. 

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misshonoriaglossop asked: I looked at wikipedia and Sofia has seriously no British order. I'm surprised tbh.


I was surprised as well, I mean, there are several reasons why Sofía should have, at least, the Royal Victorian Order:

  • She’s a relative of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (the Greek is strong here) and to Queen Elizabeth as well (through a further link though)
  • She’s consort to a (now former) Head of State. Not a common HoS, but a KING.
  • She’s one of the most worldwide respected Queens of all time.
  • She has a great relationship with the Prince of Wales and his family (I mean, they spent holidays together ?!?!?!)
  • She’s a direct descendant of Queen Victoria through Victoria, Princess Royal, who was the mothe r of Princess Victoria of Prussia, consort of King Constantine I of the Hellenes, grandfather of Sofía.
  • She has honorary doctorates in several world universities, the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge among them.

I’m pretty sure we’re talking of “my” Queen Sofía, no? ;)

Elizabeth II doesn’t give orders to female consorts, that’s why she doesn’t have a British order. Neither Sonja, nor Silvia, nor Josephine Charlotte, nor Paola, nor Fabiola…ever received a British order. However, the last two Princes Consorts of The Netherlands received British orders. In my opinion it’s sexist and outdated and I hope Charles changes it.

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“HM Queen Letizia of Spain


HM Queen Letizia of Spain


Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofia in “Lo nunca visto de Felipe y Letizia” (x)

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Isabella, acutely aware of the gaps in her own education, placed extreme importance on how the children were raised and educated. She had not been taught Latin in childhood, which meant she had to undertake the more difficult task of learning it as an adult, and she had had to hire a tutor for herself, the female scholar Beatriz Galindo. Isabella and all the ladies in her court, including her daughters, participated in these lessons.

Humiliated when she made errors in Latin, Isabella was careful not to repeat the mistake of giving her children a second-rate education when they would be expected to operate in the most elevated intellectual levels of society. Isabella’s emphasis on girls’education helped spawn an academic revolution for women across Europe, as her court set a new standard of expectations for females who would rule either on their own or in partnership with their husbands. Under Queen Isabella’s watchful and dema nding eye, the children of the court received an extraordinary education.

Isabella’s children were taught not only the Bible and the works of Saints Augustine, Jerome, and Gregory, but also the classics, including Seneca, Prudentius, and the Roman historians . Isabella saw humanism not as the antithesis to religion but as a complement to it. Descendants of the Greeks, she and other Spanish nobles were creatures of the classical world as well as the biblical one (…).

The Dutch scholar Erasmus would later describe Catherine as “miraculously learned for a woman” and a better scholar than her eventual husband, the erudite King Henry VIII. Princess Juana could converse easily and casually in Latin with courtiers from other countries, and by the time she was a teenager, she was reciting and composing verse in that language.

Kirstin Downey, Isabella. The Warrior Queen. (via



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